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The New Limestone Review, April 2018 Issue

As the IT Manager at ArtsConnect, Charles was accustomed to being left out of the loop. His department was the smallest, consisting only of himself and his boss Terry. His mother liked to tell relatives in China that he was a computer scientist, though she seldom mentioned that he worked for a nonprofit.


The Texas Review, Issue 38, Fall/Winter 2017 with Interview

Mari Mejia's pet gerbil Loca lived for six months before dying in its sleep. Mari was five years old. Her father wrapped the body in brown paper towels and placed it gently in the trash. Afterward, Mari had wanted a larger, more significant pet, like Harlow McCalister's bloodhound or Ella Avery's tabby cat. She had hoped her mother might even have another baby, a girl, so Mari could have a sister. Something Mari could hug and teach things to.


Jet Fuel Review, Issue 14, Fall 2017

Pushcart Prize nominee, 2017

Bruno watches Lucas, his son, climb up the slide—a slick, winding contraption built to injure. The boy lets his jacket swing open and tugs at his hoodie. Ellie jogs on the boardwalk as if spring has arrived, but Bruno won’t be duped. He insists that Lucas wear all his layers. Just under the surface is a scathing ocean wind.


Temenos Spring 2017: Coyote Dreams

Kayla Cole hung upside down from the monkey bars and I stared at the flat grass of yellow hair on her thighs. The arcade project started Monday. Draw a blueprint, calculate area, protractor angles. Stuff I was good at. 

Be my math partner, I said.

Kayla searched for Dev who snapped her training bra straps and made her cry. Groups of three's what Ms. T. said.


Origins Vol 4 2017: Intersections


Gayatri's last day working for the Jhaveris began like any other. She woke in her one-room shack to the smell of stale urine and fried cumin seeds and overly fermented alcohol. Mrs. Jhaveri had a ladies' luncheon planed for the afternoon, and Gayatri arrived knowing that she would have to work late into the evening. She scraped clean the wester-style commodes, washed the previous night's dishes, and wiped windows clear of fingerprints. After lunch, while the women drank tea in the living room, Gayatri swept and chopped, waiting patiently for them to lift their legs so she could reach the space underneath their pedicured feet.

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